A Greener World, starting From the Nano ScalE

Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in public perception of environmental issues. H2nanO seeks to partner with visionary, early-adopter corporations that share our vision for a sustainable future. We aim to enable new opportunities for industry to make a positive reduction in their environmental footprint, through providing complete solutions to the most difficult water treatment challenges, at market-leading rates.

Our Technology

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Zero Input Energy, Fully Recyclable

Our proprietary, nano-enabled photocatalyst harnesses the energy of the Sun to drive chemical processes that break down persistent organic contaminants. This allows our system to efficiently and passively scrub wastewater of toxic materials to allow safe discharge.

Once the water is cleaned, the catalyst is completely recovered from the water and can be reused again continuously to create more clean water at low cost and without generating any waste.

Harnessing The Power Of Nanotechnology

Our photocatalyst boasts industry leading efficiency through optimization of its properties on the nano-scale. It can reduce pollutants below detection limits within minutes using just solar energy.

By providing this superlative performance along with our novel methods of dispersion and recapture, H2nanO can provide the lowest cost method of treating organic water contaminants worldwide.

Effective Treatment: Rapidly and completely destroys persistent pollutants with no residual.

Green technology: Passive treatment requires no chemical or energy input to operate.

Economical: Practical solution at lowest costs on the market.

Markets Served


Oil and Gas








Process Industry


Our One Billion Ton Challenge

H2nanO is creating solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the Albertan Oil Sands, one of the largest industrial operations in Canada. Millions of tons of industrial process-affected water is currently being stored in tailings ponds on site in Alberta under the industry’s “zero discharge” policy. Safely returning this water to the environment is a long term goal that starts by breaking down the dissolved organic compounds in the water, by-products from the oil extraction process. To date, no economically viable solutions have been provided to treat this water. H2nanO is actively developing processes to enable clean up of the tailings ponds, and a green revolution for Canada’s Oil Sands.

Over 30 Years of Nanotechnology Experience

H2nanO’s team has a wealth of collective experience in designing nanomaterials and nanotechnology products. Dr. Gu, Tim, and Stuart have worked together to produce research covering everything from nanoparticle synthesis techniques and materials engineering to treatment of pharmaceuticals and oil sands contaminants in water. Over the past 5 years, they have published over 15 peer reviewed papers and 3 patents with more in progress. Our team is enthusiastically committed to establishing nanotechnology as a practical solution to challenging water treatment problems.